Dense İle İlgili Cümleler İngilizce Cümle İçinde Kullanımı

Dense İle İlgili Cümleler İngilizce Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


Anlamı: Yoğun, sıkışık, kalın.

  1. The dense forest was full of wildlife. (The dense forest: Yoğun orman)
  2. The air in the city was dense with pollution. (dense with pollution: kirleticilerle yoğun)
  3. The scientist studied the dense data for hours. (dense data: yoğun veri)
  4. The bread was heavy and dense. (dense bread: kalın ekmek)
  5. The traffic was so dense that we were stuck in the same spot for an hour. (dense traffic: sıkışık trafik)
  6. The fog was so dense that I couldn’t see anything in front of me. (dense fog: yoğun sis)
  7. The novel was difficult to read because the author used dense language. (dense language: zor anlaşılır dil)
  8. The cake was dense and moist. (dense cake: sıkı ve nemli kek)
  9. The city skyline was a dense cluster of buildings. (dense cluster of buildings: yoğun bina topluluğu)
  10. The sauce was too dense to pour. (dense sauce: yoğun sos)
  11. The student struggled to understand the dense textbook. (dense textbook: yoğun ders kitabı)
  12. The atmosphere in the room was dense with tension. (dense with tension: gerilimle yoğun)
  13. The painter used a dense brush to create texture. (dense brush: kalın fırça)
  14. The population in the city was dense. (dense population: yoğun nüfus)
  15. The drink was too dense to enjoy. (dense drink: yoğun içecek)
  16. The building was made of dense concrete. (dense concrete: kalın beton)
  17. The fog was so dense that we had to cancel our flight. (dense fog: yoğun sis)
  18. The artwork was created using dense layers of paint. (dense layers of paint: yoğun boya katmanları)
  19. The book was too dense for light reading. (dense book: yoğun okuma materyali)
  20. The steak was dense and chewy. (dense steak: sıkı ve çiğnenmesi zor et)

Anlamı: Ağır, ağırbaşlı, anlamlı.

  1. The CEO gave a dense speech about the company’s future. (Dense speech: anlamlı konuşma)
  2. The actor portrayed a dense character in the movie. (Dense character: ağırbaşlı karakter)
  3. The book was filled with dense symbolism. (Dense symbolism: anlamlı sembolizmalar)
  4. The professor’s lecture was dense with information. (Dense with information: bilgi dolu)
  5. The play had a dense plot that was difficult to follow. (Dense plot: karmaşık senaryo)
  6. The artwork had a dense texture that added depth to the piece. (Dense texture: yoğun dokulu)
  7. The author wrote a dense novel that explored complex themes. (Dense novel: ağırbaşlı roman)
  8. The documentary was dense with historical facts. (Dense with historical facts: tarihi gerçeklerle dolu)
  9. The speech was so dense that many people in the audience fell asleep. (Dense speech: ağırbaşlı konuşma)
  10. The poem had a dense rhyme scheme that required close attention. (Dense rhyme scheme: yoğun kafiyeli)
  11. The movie was praised for its dense character development. (Dense character development: anlamlı karakter gelişimi)
  12. The play had a dense and thought-provoking script. (Dense script: ağırbaşlı senaryo)
  13. The composer wrote a dense piece of music that required multiple listenings to fully appreciate. (Dense music: yoğun müzik)
  14. The philosopher’s dense writings were difficult for many people to understand. (Dense writings: ağırbaşlı yazılar)
  15. The artist’s dense use of color created a powerful visual impact. (Dense use of color: yoğun renk kullanımı)
  16. The author’s dense prose was a hallmark of their writing style. (Dense prose: yoğun yazı stili)
  17. The director’s dense visual style was a defining characteristic of their films. (Dense visual style: yoğun görsel stil)
  18. The poet’s dense imagery created a vivid and complex portrait of the world. (Dense imagery: yoğun imgeler)
  19. The academic article was dense with technical jargon. (Dense with technical jargon: teknik terimlerle dolu)
  20. The painter’s dense brushstrokes gave the painting a sense of depth and complexity. (Dense brushstrokes: yoğun fırça darbeleri)

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